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Someone came into the shop the other day and I heard them ask Bernie what was the strange thing in their red wine.  They were wondering if the wine had gone bad and if it was safe to drink.

So strutted myself up to them and told them the answer... roof, roof, woof, woof, roof.  I was so proud that I knew the answer. Instead of thanking me they looked at me like I was "Barking Mad"!!!....  I know knew I needed to have an interprerter because  they don't speak DOG!!!!

So here goes... woofly in a nutshell they are harmless by-products of wine, and some equate their presence as a mark of quality,
So if you get them, smile and know they are a good thing :)

Sooooooo someone wrote in, so I had to have mom (Bernie) read me the email as I don't know how to read (yet). Also I can't type....

I was a bit confused because it had to do with ageing... I age very well thank you.

What Mom, they are asking if they should age their wine!!!! So if they write down when they made it they should know the age of the wine....(silly people). 

Oh you mean  the other type of ageing. The one with the magnet thingy.... the one I see you using all the time? I highly recommend you do it as my Mom swears by it... she goes over by it and swears...boy that wine tastes good. I have seen you do that thing where you suggest people pour some separately into a glass then put the bottle on the wine ager for 30 minutes and compare..... yes mom I will tell them you sell them at the shop....